3 Mysterious Places whose Presence Is Confidential

Some people may have a secret place to store valuable things. Or maybe the secret place is used to hide from everything that is considered dangerous. Apparently, in this world there are some of the most secretive places that many people don’t know.

1. Apartment in the Eiffel Tower

This one tower is very famous and is the place for many people to visit. The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris and there is one place that is rarely known to anyone, namely a luxury apartment hidden by architect Gustav Eiffel.

When Gustav designed the Eiffel Tower, it turned out that he also made an apartment that he would use to see the beauty of Paris from a height. At that time no one could enter it other than the architect. But, now the apartment reportedly can be enjoyed by many people.

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2. The Secret Room on Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a very famous mountain in the United States, which is located near South Dakota. On the granite surface of Mount Rushmore there is a carving of the four largest heads of the Former President of the United States. A South Dakota historian, Doane Robinson was the first to have the idea to carve the faces of famous people in the Black Hills.

Many did not expect that there was a secret room inside Mount Rushmore, which was located behind a carving statue of Abraham Lincoln. Behind his head, there was an entrance to a secret room. Reportedly, the big room is a place to store secret documents that will be the story for the next generation.

The construction of this secret room was stopped in 1941 because of the death of the sculptor. However, finally the monument was completed and was opened to the public in 1998. Even so, until now the tourists have not been able to enter the secret room because of its very high location.

3. Cave of Niagara Falls

For Niagara Falls, many people already know where they are. The waterfall is located in Otario, Canada, the state of the United States is indeed a waterfall that is very wide and most popular in the world. Reportedly in this place often suicides occur and there are 2,780 people who have committed suicide in this place.

Indeed, not many people know that behind Niagara Falls there is a cave that is often called a cave of evil spirits. It is said that the story, an evil spirit is trapped in this cave. Well, from that time until now people who visit this cave will be cursed with bad luck. So, not many people know and are determined to visit this evil spirit cave.

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