The Satellites Will Be Launched Today

What is The Merah Putih satellite

The Merah Putih Satellite will be carried by a Falcon 9 rocket. The satellite carries 60 active transponders consisting of 24 C-Band transponders and 12 Extended C-Band transponders that will service the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia, as well as 24 C-Band transponders that will reach South Asia region.

This satellite relies on the SSL 1300 platform with a design life of 16 years. The construction of the Merah Putih Satellite involves two US companies, SSL as the manufacturer of the satellite maker and SpaceX as a provider of satellite launch services.

SSL is a well-known satellite manufacturer and successfully completed the construction of the Red White Satellite faster than scheduled. Furthermore, the Red and White Satellite will be launched to its orbital slot using SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket.

At present, Red White Satellite has been in the Fairing Falcon 9 launch vehicle, and in the near future will enter the “rolling out” process from the storage location to SLC 40 where the launch is carried out.

The Merah Putih satellite launch

PT Telkom Tbk confirmed the launch of the Red and White Satellite will be held on Tuesday (7/8) local time at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Orlando, Florida USA. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), which was appointed by PT Telkom as the launch contractor, reported that the Red and White Satellite has now been assembled into one with a rocket and ready to be launched.

“The process of uniting rockets and satellites has been carried out so that it is only a matter of time to launch,” said Telkom’s Network & IT Solution (NITS) Director, Zulhelfi Abidin at Forida.

Abidin explained that the launch of the Red and White Satellite saved about 25 percent of the cost of launching the previous satellite. The Telkom 3S satellite, which was launched on February 15, 2016, took 215 million US dollars, while the Red White Satellite launch project only spent 165 million US dollars, including insurance costs of 10 million US dollars.

Savings occur because the Red and White Satellite uses Space X’s booster rockets which can be used repeatedly. The technology applied by SpaceX can save costs, because the booster rocket system can be used again for up to ten times.

With the launch of the Red and White Satellite, it is expected to quickly resolve communication problems across Indonesia, especially in remote areas and the outer regions of Indonesia, as well as being a new business opportunity for PT Telkom in the South Asia region.


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